Ryobi Myanmar Distribution Center

Hi-spec warehouse

  • All-weather durability (dustproof ,dock shelter etc.)
  • Full-canopy truck yard
  • 24-hours security & monitoring system

Pest control

  • Dock shelter for dust and insect control.

→Always protect products from rain and dust and keep it in a safe environment

Multi-functional warehouse

  • 4 temperature zones
  1. Dry Conditioned
  2. Temperature Controlled (20~28℃)
  3. Chilled(5~10℃)
  4. Cold storage(ー25~ー20℃)
  • Bonded Warehouse(TBC)
  • Transportation service
    →To minimize Store's inventory by Ryobi's quick delivery service
  • GPS(including temperature information) function is installed.
  • We provide documents storage and disposal service based on ISO / IEC 27001
  • Acquired ISO/IEC27001,documents strage service,on October 26,2018


→We are providing the best cold logistics chain service  with high quality warehouse applying to FDA grade.



TEL +95 (0)1-230-9193
Add Lot No.B-9,Thilawa SEZ Zone-A, Yangon Region, Myanmar