Qualification and Career Development Support

Ryobi Transport Company has a well-developed education support system that trains logistics professionals to provide optimal services to customers.

In addition to the qualifications required for work, we sponsor the cost of acquiring said qualifications to improve the skills of our staff thus further expand the business into the future. 

Even if you come from a different industry, there is a qualification support system such as sponsoring the entire cost of acquiring a license, which spares you the responsibility of paying for the license so you can take on the working challenges with utmost confidence.

* Details of the qualification support system are specified in the regulations.


License Acquisition System (Driver’s license: Heavy vehicle/Medium vehicle)

You can obtain a heavy/medium-sized vehicle driver’s license via sponsorship from the company. 

After obtaining the license, the instructor will provide passenger training.

・We will never allow anyone to operate alone until they can drive safely. Safety and satisfaction are our promises to society and our valued customers.


Other Qualification Support

Ryobi Group has extensive support for education and qualification needed to further develop your career. 

In addition to the qualifications required for normal work, the company fully backs up qualifications that are useful for future work, skills development, and certifications that you want to acquire. 

Qualifications Example

[Support for acquiring working qualifications]

Driver’s license for a semi-medium vehicle

Driver’s license for a medium vehicle

Driver’s license for a heavy vehicle

Class 2 driver’s license for a heavy vehicle

Towing license

Warehouse manager

Forklift driver’s license

High-pressure gas production safety management certificate

Site supervisor for high-pressure gas transportation

Skill training course for sling work

Skill training course for operations chiefs of cargo stacking

Skill training course for operation of small-sized mobile crane

Skill training course for the operation of floor-operated cranes

Other things that the company deems necessary


[Support for acquiring administrative qualifications]

Freight car operation manager

Maintenance manager

Class-1 health officer’s license

Certified Logistics Master (JILS)

Class B Category IV hazardous materials engineer’s license

Customs Specialist

The Official Business Skills Test in Bookkeeping

Business career certification

Fire prevention manager

Safety officer

Other things that the company deems necessary



Ordinary lifesaving training course (given by fire department)


Career Development Support

Ryobi Transport Company has introduced an autonomous self-development education system.

It can be used for future work and career development.

Course example

・One-on-one English lessons (for all applicants)

Group English lesson (for all applicants)

Language acquisition (when necessary for business implementation)

Support for online/distance-learning (SANNO University Global Management Research Department)

・e-learning (general management, strategy/marketing, CSR / compliance, business skills, languages, etc.)

Educational support according to career by Ryobi Group Education Center