Mid-Career Recruitment/Part-Time Job

You don’t need to hesitate whether you’re new to the logistics industry, changing jobs from a different industry, or not having a large or medium-sized driver’s license.

With a well-developed education system and by careful guidance of senior employees, you can work with confidence whilst starting from zero.

The license can be obtained at the company’s expense by utilizing the qualification support system(Based on the terms and regulations)

Ryobi Transport Company is a “team”.

For example, even if you are driving a truck for the first time, there will be a dedicated instructor for you. We will never practice one-man operation.

Seniors are quite strict but they motivate everyone, cry together, laugh together, and thus, grow together.

Doing a convincing job leads to trust in the community and to the customers.

All you need is one step forward. Surely a new path is waiting.

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Driver (full-time)

Inexperienced employees and career-changers are welcome! Of course, experienced people are also welcome!

Even if you do not have a large or medium-sized driver’s license, you can acquire a license by utilizing the qualification support system and acquire skills as a professional driver! (There is a regulation)

Even beginners can be assured that our instructors will politely teach one-on-one the skills needed on how to interact with customers.

You can work with peace of mind and stability due to the fixed salary system, which is rare in the industry, and a substantial job welfare program.

Ryobi Transport Company is a “team”. We have an environment where we can help each other in case of trouble.

Would you like to meet your new self at Ryobi Transport Company?

Work Information

Delivery business (long-distance, medium-distance transport, local delivery)


Educational methods

Guided training for OJTs

Rookie driver training

Guidance tailored to the environment by senior employees

Guidance on how to be a passenger by instructors

Support for obtaining a high-ranking driver’s license (with regulations)

Employee Introduction (foreman of driving technology)
Employee Introduction (driver-mechanic)

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Logistics Engineer (regular employee)

It is a job in the warehouse under a Supply Chain department of a logistics company.

We carry out loading and unloading of trucks, warehousing and delivery in warehouses, and inspection.

We also have a safety education system in place, so you can improve quality and play an active role as a future leader in the operations in order to promise safety and security to our customers.

In addition, even inexperienced people can work with peace of mind because there is guidance by the instructor system and education by OJT.

Uniforms are paid free of charge, we also focus on health management of trainees and employees.

Please play an active part in the workplace where warehouses, offices and drivers can work together as a “team” to help each other!

Work Information

Forklift warehousing and delivery

Picking work

Sorting of goods

Inspection by the bar code reader

Wholesale loading-unloading of the truck using a forklift

・Unloading and inspection works (take-out work of products in the container, inspection of products)

※ differs depending on the assigned destination


Educational methods

・Safety instructor-led training regarding product knowledge, cargo handling, storage methods and inspection.

Guided training for OJTs

Employee Introduction (logistics professional)

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Career-track-area Career-track Employees (full-time)

Why work as a logistics professional to protect the social infrastructure?

Ryobi Transport Company is deploying business offices globally in foreign countries, and as such we are contributing to society and customers to support the logistics of Japan and the ASEAN region.

Work Information

・Dipatching services (of support efficient construction and customers of the transport service)

Fleet management business (safe operation of the support)

Storage services warehouse business (product storage, shipment, receipt management, delivery coordination and quality control, etc.)


Accounting operations

Overseas business development project to support business for global expansion and operations

Marketing and Sales (proposed sales in a team with the customer and information exchange)

Business Planning (participation, etc. of the annual plan and medium-term management plan)

※ differs depending on the assigned destination


Educational methods

Guided training for OJTs

Acquisition of knowledge using e-learning and distance learning

Language learning and cross-cultural understanding by using the online English conversation

Ryobi Group’s own education system 

 -Youth board of directors (JB system, commonly known as Ryobi graduate school): We develop and motivate OJTs to have managerial skills through research and proposals on corporate issues.

 -U (under) 25, U30: Educational program for young clerical employees to acquire independence and critical thinking ability

 -Business Administration Basic Course (commonly known as Ryobi University): courses aimed at learning management expertise

Employee Introduction (general manager)
Employee Introduction (Mizushima branch office)
Employee Introduction (Business Management Department)

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Part-Time Job

There are various job offers that are different for each place of business, and for people of all ages regardless of experience.

Social Insurance equipped commuting allowance and employee recruitment systems and qualification support system is also available. (With regulations)

We are also offering prenatal benefits, postpartum vacation, paternity leave and maternity leave. We do provide a nursing care leave system, we provide flexible schedules or shortened-working hours.

Because there are fellows that can help each other when in trouble, fun and harmonious, and it is also possible to work at his/her own pace.


■Job Example


・Forklift operator

・Distribution Assistant

・Picking workers


・Night shifters roll call’s


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