Instructor System

We are refining our logistics technology every day to ensure the safety of our customers and society.

In Ryobi Transport Company, to ensure over-all safety, we have appointed a site leader as a Safety Manager.

The people who know the site best are the employees working at the site.


Guidance by Instructors

In addition to training and education at the time of hiring, we also provide tour guide training and follow-up training every three months in the first year. 

Even inexperienced employees can be rest assured that they will receive realistic training and advice from the “instructors” who are considered as the on-site leaders based on their professional experience.

Of course, not only newly joined employees but all employees are subject to guidance.  Knowledge and experience are useful in this field.



On-Site Safety Contest

The staff and instructors will hold their safety contests tailored to each business site. Since it is a safety competition, we will actively engage in it.

The results, which total awareness of safety will be shown throughout and to the customers. 



Instructors Conference Meetings

Instructor conferences meetings are held where instructors from all branches gather to receive the same training with managers and top management and exchange opinions directly.

Danger or hazard cautions, risk management and safety training with experiments will also be held within the meeting.

We share each other’s ideas and opinions, improve the level of safety and quality, and create a harmonious working environment.