Our History

Since its establishment in Okayama in 1910, Ryobi Group has continued to evolve for over 100 years. It has expanded its business domains which include transportation, ICT, real estate development, and supermarket chains.

The logistics division of Ryobi Group has been primarily led by Ryobi Transport Company, along with seven transport business units. Ryobi Transport Company and its seven transport business units, including four overseas subsidiaries in two countries, Vietnam (Ho Chi Minh City) and Myanmar (Yangon), have established a domestic and international logistics network.

In Japan, we have deployed branch operations in Kanto-Koshinetsu, Tokai, Hokuriku, Kinki, Chugoku, and northern Kyushu regions. We have a total of 1,060 employees, 468 vehicles, 37 warehouses (96,000 square meters), and a domestic logistics network of 47 branches to provide our valued customers with optimal logistics services.

We have established the region’s largest and state-of-the-art logistics warehouses in Vietnam and Myanmar which we find proudly, and we are taking on the challenge of exploring new areas with the dream of establishing a cutting-edge, state-of-the-art cold chain logistics network in the ASEAN region.


July 1910 Saidaijikidou Co., Ltd., the origin of Ryobi Holdings Co., Ltd, held its inaugural meeting at Saidaiji Kannonnin Temple.
November 1969 Ryobi Unyu Co., Ltd. was established, the predecessor of Ryobi Transport Company Co., Ltd.
August 1970 Ryobi Unyu obtained a warehouse business license.
November 1983 Ryobi Unyu held its first SSP-up skills contest (in-house contest).
September 1993 Obtained customs clearance business license (Kobe Customs) and started customs clearance operations.
July 1999 Ryobi Unyu was spun off into Ryobi Transport Okayama Co. Ltd. and Ryobi Transport Osaka Co., Ltd. Since then, the spin-off business has been continuously proceeded.
March 2004 Ryobi Transport Okayama acquired Green Management Certification for the first time in Okayama Prefecture.
June 2005 Obtained customs clearance license (Tokyo Customs).
June 2005

Okayama Central Distribution Center obtained for the first time in Okayama a certificate of compliance with JQA(‘s inspection standards for storage center safety measures) (JQACS1207R).
*JQA: Japan Quality Assurance Organization

August 2008 Okayama Central Distribution Center acquired ISO27001 certification for confidential document storage and transport services (JQA-IM0587).
December 2012 Established Representative Office in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam
February 2013 Ryobi Holdings made capital participation in Transimex-Saigon Corp. in Vietnam
November 2013 Registered Ryobi Transport Yamaguchi company for Eco-Action 21 certification.
April 2014 Ryobi Transport Okayama received an award from the Foundation for Promoting Personal Mobility and Ecological Transportation for being the first company in Okayama to have received Green Management Certification for many years.
September 2014 Established logistics subsidiary, Ryobi International Logistics Vietnam JSC.
October 2014 Consolidated Ryobi Transport subsidiaries and established Ryobi Transport Co., Ltd.
May 2016 Established Ryobi Myanmar Distribution Service Co., Ltd. (RMDS)
August 2016 Ryobi (Vietnam) Distribution Service Co., Ltd. started the business((RVDS )
June 2018 RMDS established a new state-of-the-art refrigerator and freezer warehouse in the Thilawa Special Economic Zone in Yangon, Myanmar.
March 2019 RVDS acquired ISO9001 certification (VICAS 049) for the Provision of storage and warehousing.
March 2019 Ryobi Holdings acquired 35.1% of the outstanding shares of  Amerasian Shipping Logistics Corp. in Vietnam.
August 2021 Completed construction of warehouse for hazardous cargo in Gunma branch.